Monday, May 29, 2006

Recovery runs...check

One week after Ohlone. Left ankle no longer feels like it will give out on every other step. ITBs back to their normal level of tightness. Time to test the legs...
Went out for a nice easy run on Sunday, stopping at 2 miles to stretch and do a system check. Things felt mostly OK, but I realized my heart felt like it was beating much faster than it should be. Perhaps I should turn around and only do 4 miles for the first day back. A quick look at the watch made me realize that my pace was a bit much for what should be a recovery run. So, instead of turning back, I decided to go on for a 6 miler and force myself to slow the pace. This helped and I finished feeling good.
Another 6-miler on Monday that felt good the whole way through and now I feel like I am pretty much recovered and ready to look forward to the next challenge. A bonus realization was discovering that the chest tightness that had been causing me a bit of paranoia all week was most likely just the inevitable onset of my normal mild spring-time allergies.

Now, I just need to figure out what's next...

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