Monday, September 25, 2006

Cutting back

I only did 30 miles last week on 3 days running. I was planning on doing a couple short-mid distance runs this weekend to keep my overall mileage up until my official taper start this week. However, after a 14.5 miler on Friday night I realized that my feet need more healing time than I have been giving them. I have been managing a recurring case of Plantar Faciitis. The new insoles I am using in my trail shoes have helped in the sense that my feet generally feel no worse at the end of my runs. However, I realized that they aren't really healing enough between runs even with the icing and stuff. I had already committed to playing soccer Sunday morning and I know that is as bad or worse for my heel pain than running so that was it for the weekend.

I am going to continue to do my icing with the frozen water bottle, taking ibuprofen, stretching and doing strengthening work. However, I recently read about "trigger point therapy" in an article called "Heal Pain Be Gone" by Twyla Carolan posted to John Vonhof's site. I tried the rubber ball exercises described in the article and all I can say is YOWCH!!! There are a couple of spots on my right foot that feel like needles being poked into them. Who would have thought that so much pain could come from a little rubber ball. They don't exactly feel like they release, but 15-20 minutes after working them, my feet seem to feel generally better. We'll see how it goes. I ordered the book from Amazon to read up further.

The plan between now and DC is as follows. I'm going to take the next two days off working to heal my feet. If things feel good I will do a short run on Wednesday. I will follow it up on Thursday, playing the distance by ear. I'm taking Friday off and then starting my "count down" runs of 5mi, 4mi, 3mi, 2mi starting Saturday. Sort of a mental game I play before entering new distances. I am planning to take 3 full days off before the race. I am also trying to force myself to wake by 5am and do a little walking in the morning. Trying to get used to waking up and moving my body at that gawd awful time of the day in prep for the 6:30am start time.


Jessica Deline said...

I've had Plantar Faciitis crop up a few times on me. Pesky! That book looks very interesting... And yea.. you missed your 15 seconds of fame by 1 visit apparently ;)

miki said...

I have had plantar on and off for months. the exercise that I find helps me the most if standing on the edge of a curb (ledge, step, etc) and putting weight on one foot at a time to get that oh-so-nice calf stretch.

I like your taper plan. I did an hour this morning ( Wed), plan on the same for Thursday, skipping Friday and probably an hour or hour 1/2 or so on Saturday. After that, I like your idea, especially the 3 days off before the race. That seems to be the magic number for me for letting my body recharge.

Yay, I'm getting nervous but excited. Are you going to have any crew with you?

Eudemus said...

Everyone agrees that PF Sucks!!! I have been doing the curb (stair) stretch. I have also been doing the one where you pull a towel with your feet. Pretty much doing them all including some stuff for my calves and shins which seem to be extra tight lately. I've read that this can actually be a factor in foot pain. Interesting how the body works.

It looks like I am going to be altering my taper plan and taking most if not all of the weekend off. I am actually going to be in NY this weekend for a last minute trip. Sort of gives me no choice but to put in extra rest time.

I'm definitely getting the taper-time jitters. I can feel the fitness leaving my body even as my feet start to feel better. As for crew, no I'm not planning one. However, I am going to make a drop bag which I've never done before.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

hope the feet feel better soon.h

Eudemus said...

The feet are starting to feel better especially if I stay off them. Keeping myself off the feet is the real challenge.

miki said...

Drop bag yeeeeah. I have been planing my "drop bag" for about 2 weeks now cuz I'm so excited that I get to have a "drop bag". All I need to get this weekend is a stamp that says geek so I can have that across my forehead.

Eudemus said...

Miki, LOL! I too have been obsessing over my bag. In fact, I'm gonna do a post about all my gear for the 50. Sortof my online check list.