Friday, April 20, 2007

Recovery? Check.

I'm constantly surprised at how quickly the body can recover from this big efforts. Either my efforts to keep my weekly training miles relatively constant through races is paying off or I am not running my races hard enough. Regardless, I prefer quickly recovery to running myself into the ground. I took two full days off from running after AR50. I felt pretty stiff on Monday, but an evening walk with my wife seemed to help (should have walked both days actually).

Somehow, I managed to get up at 5:30 Tuesday morning and actually run. It was slow and my legs were very stiff, but I was able to keep moving for a short run. It actually kind of felt like how I feel near the end of a race. Time constraints (and my inability to get up REALLY early) have forced me to split a lot of my runs in two. I actually am learning to like this as I think it helps my recovery and also gives me the feeling of running "all the time". I've been able to run a little more each day and have a good base going into the weekend.

Tue: 4mi (am) + 5.5mi (pm) = 8.5mi
Wed: 9.2mi (pm)
Thu: 4.4mi (am) + 6.2 (pm) = 10.6mi

A total of 28.3mi so far this week. If I can get 30 (or a little more) miles in this weekend I will keep pretty much on target. The legs actually feel pretty good. However, I am still trying to decide if I should shoot for one serious long run (20+) with a shorter supporting run or if I should aim to split the weekend closer to half and continue the patter of longer runs each day (i.e. 12-15 Sat, 15-18 Sun). Most likely it will all depend on how I schedule around all the other weekend needs.

Two weeks 'til Miwok. Another big race, a new distance, a new experience. Is it too early for the excitement and nerves to begin? I mean, it's only 12 more miles, right? Right? RIGHT?!?!?


willgotthardt said...


Terrific blog, every aspect of it. I went back and read some of your early posts regarding the 2006 Ohlone 50K...good stuff.

Congrats on all your impressive progress. The '07 Ohlone will be my first ultra, and I see/read you are coming back for a second time, so I'll be sure to say hello prior to the start.

[Hey I have a question regarding an early course section that I am still not 100% sure of the correct route, even after several months of training...just after the Mission Peak summit, does the race take a right at the garbage cans/horse tie down to Eagle Trail, or does it continue on the Peak/Ridge (along the fenceline) to Eagle?]

I'm more or less logging/blogging my final month of training over on the Runner's World 'Trail Running' forum ('Discussions' as they call them...'Unofficial 2007 Ohlone 50K Thread').

Best of luck. See you then.

Will G.

Eudemus said...


I'm glad you've enjoyed my blog. Ohlone is a great race and an awesome first ultra in my opinion. While it may "only" be a 50K, it is a VERY tough course and you definitely feel that you have gone well beyond the marathon distance.

As for the course question, it goes right at the trash cans. The straight down bit isn't very runnable and I think I have only ever been on it once in my life. The route also goes along one of the little single track trails that parallels Eagle Trail for a bit before heading down to Laurel Loop.

One recommendation I have if you can afford it in terms of training and logistics is to run the Sonol to Del Valle section. There is a section of that trail that is one of the most demoralizing bits of running you will experience. It is much better to have that experience in a training run. Somewhere just past the marathon mark (i.e. longer than you've ever run before) you wind down this beautiful single track into William's Gulch then cross a creek to find yourself staring at what looks like (at least at that point) a near vertical climb. I was doing the training run from Sonol and remember that I literally just sat down at this point and put my head between my legs thinking "how the hell am I going to do this with 9+ extra miles on my legs!" Since my wife was meeting me at Del Valle, I had no choice but to get going so I got up and started walking. I've talked to others who had similar experiences on their first Ohlone, but during the race.

I'll try to check out the forums. I look forward to saying hi at the race assuming I make it. Ohlone is still a bit tentative for me since it is only 2 weeks after Miwok. However, it is an anniversary race and from the list of registered runners it looks like every male winner from the past 6 years will be running! (4 of the last 5 women winners will also be running, but 3 of those are the Beth Vitalis :-)). How could I miss this historic event!

willgotthardt said...

"As for the course question, it goes right at the trash cans. The route also goes along one of the little single track trails that parallels Eagle Trail for a bit before heading down to Laurel Loop".

Both bits of info very helpful, thanks.

Yeah I've literally spent the better part of a full year training on various course sections, as perhaps you'll read on the forum.

Funny, I mention the former winners, as you have here, in the very first post of the thread. It's an incredibly fast field of runners...can't wait! Hope you decide to make it.

Again, as for your blog, the descriptions/humor/photos make for a great read. Keep it up.

Cheers, Will G.

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Hi Steve,

I have the same frustration on the Rocky Ridge climb immediately following the William Gulch during my first day hike on the entire Ohlone trail and my first Ohlone 50K. I thought there would be no more hills once I struggled over the Rose Peak.

I was getting used to this after I prepared myself for this climb and with the faith that this is THE final hill.

Best to you and Will G. Btw, Will G is the fastest in Fremont (not me). Not sure if I'm correct, but he will be a dark horse. Expect to see the exciting competition this year!