Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Miwok pre-talk

Four days until the Miwok 100K and I haven't run a step since the Ruth Anderson race over a week ago. I initially blamed the chest congestion after the race on all the dust in the air from the windy conditions. I tried to do the same for the sinus issues that developed the following day. Another day and a few more symptoms finally exhausted my usually abundant stores of denial and I was forced to admit that I was indeed sick. I must have caught something from a workmate who was ill the week before and my race-weakened immune system was in no condition to fight it off. With all the fits and starts this year due to illness, I was at least adept at dealing with such problems and I immediately ordered myself a big dose of rest. I was tempted to go for a run while in Vegas the past weekend for my son's basketball tournament (they took 2nd place), but held off even then. My plan is to do a couple easy runs and some yoga this week and just try to go into the race as rested and recovered as possible.

Normally, I would be spending this post writing about the race and my goals. I would probably be thinking about something like trying to get close to 12 hours. Now I just want to feel good enough at the starting line to enjoy the entire day out there. My focus will be to take it extra easy from the start and, knowing the course pretty well, just trying to feel good all the way through the long Bolinas Ridge section on the way out. Certainly, my training plan for this year hasn't gone quite as expected, but I feel like I have plenty of base stored up to do the race and try to finish comfortably. My next big race is in June and, while its a bit too far out, I should try and treat Miwok as a training run or, rather, further base building towards my next 100. Should be a fun time regardless as there aren't many places better than the Marin hills to spend and entire day tromping around.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

sounds like a good, smart way to approach the day!

miki said...

I have a feeling you'll do just fine at Miwok. You seem to get sick a lot?

Eudemus said...

Miki, this year has definitely been one of my worst in terms of catching pretty much every bug that comes on through. I guess I am paying for being mostly cold/flu-free last year.