Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Plans and Contingencies

The Coyote 2 Moons race will start in just about 3 (and a half) days and my plans are still up in the air. I'd like to claim that as the reason for not having any of my gear together or drop bags packed, but, unfortunately, that is due to my normal procrastination.

I did spend some time putting together a ridiculously complex spreadsheet. It's broken into segments based on the maps from the race website. Each segment is further split into the major climb/descent in feet and distance covered with a time estimate for each. This is then summed up to provide a time estimate for each segment. This, along with an estimate for time spent at the aid station, is added to a running total in terms of both hours and date/time for the race. My estimate came out to a final tally of 33:25 for the race which is pretty much what I ran last year. I should transition from night to day during the first visit to Rose Valley around 7am and then back to night at Cozy Dell around 8:30pm. I should be able to get away with just two drop bags since Rose Valley is visited twice (second time around 2:30pm) and Cozy Dell shares a bag with Sisar Junction (shouldn't need it). There is no reason for me to need one at Howard Creek (4:30pm), but I may possibly throw something small together for Gridley Bottom (1am).

While I may not have gotten my stuff together, I should be able to spend less time doing so now that I have such a wonderful plan. Well, that's the theory anyway. Alas, always the engineer, more time spent planning than doing.

So, back to the original subject of why my plans for this whole race my either undergo dramatic alteration or dissipate completely. The fact is, there are just some things more important than running around in the mountains for two days and nights. OK, maybe there are a lot of things more important, but very high up on that list is my family. You see, my son's high school basketball team has done quite well during the post-season. They won the Central Coast Section and are now in the State Basketball Championship Tournament. There first game is Tuesday night against Newark Memorial. Newark is the city adjacent to Fremont and my son is friends with more than half of the team. Newark is a strong team who recently upset #1 ranked DeLa Salle in the North Coast Section tournament. However, I think that we match up well and it could be a close match. It will definitely be a fun one to watch. If we get past Newark, we have to face defending state champions McClymonds of Oakland on Thursday night. That will be a tough one. If we somehow manage to knock them off, we will be in the Northern California finals on Saturday playing to be in the State Championship game the following week.

Sorry for the foray into high school sports for those who read this blog for the running, but things like this get a proud dad pretty excited. I know it's not college ball, but this is our own smaller version of March Madness!

At any rate, this is how I see my contingency plans laying out right now.
  • If Freddy's team loses Tuesday night, I head down south on Thursday as planned staying with my buddies Harry and Beat at my house in Arroyo Grande then heading down to Ojai for the race Friday morning.
  • If, however, he wins the game, I will not be joining them in Arroyo, but will pass my keys to Harry and let them know they'll hear from me Friday morning.
  • If his team loses on Thursday night, I will head down south on Friday morning probably making the entire trip to Ojai in one go. I'll miss the lunch, but should be there in plenty of time to check-in and try to get some rest before our 11pm start time.
  • If, The Bells pull off the huge upset Thursday night then my son is headed to the finals and I am not going anywhere. It's possible I'll be too exhausted from yelling my lungs out, but I am thinking that I may try a solo 100K out on Ohlone Friday since I've already taken the day off. While I don't know that I'd give great odds on this possibility, it is occupying my dreams more than the race at this point.
So, there it is. I will know more tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. If you find yourself in the south bay tonight with nothing to do and think that watching some great high school basketball sounds like an interesting diversion, stop by Bellarmine Prep High School by 7pm and cheer for the team in white!


andyb said...

Not sure what to root for here! ;-)

Of course, I'm rooting for your son's basketball team to win (even though it's the Bellarmine Bells, one of my HS alma maters' - Leland HS - arch nemesis)!!!

Good luck, and if you do end up heading down south for C2M, hope you have a great time and a wonderful run.

kate said...

same as Andy...not sure what to root for, but hope it all works out!

Eudemus said...

It was a real heartbreaker. My son played well, scored 14 points. We were down by 10 in the first quarter, up by 10 in the 3rd, but, in the end, we lost by a single point.

I'll be heading south tomorrow, but it feels a bit like a consolation prize right now.

andyb said...

Steve, So sorry to hear about your sons' basketball team loss. One point!!! That is heartbreaking.

With that said, I hope you can have a good time at C2M and run well. Maybe some bonus minutes from bowling can ease the pain. Well, that or a few beers! ;-)

marolf said...

Steve, sorry to hear your son's team lost, and good luck to all of you in Ojai! Have a great time!

Baldwyn said...

A single point!! Bummer. But now you'll get a chance to toe the line more rested, and have a parental obligation to kick some ass :)

miki said...

Have fun this weekend!

Jacon said...


Came across your blog as I was looking for links to mine. Sorry about your son and the Bellarmine boys. I am glad to hear that you are back to doing what you love. Happy Trails!!!