Thursday, November 17, 2011

Waking up in Kathmandu

I'd intended to have completed my TdG race report before this trip, but here I sit in our hotel room in Nepal after a 15-1/2 hour flight followed by a 12-hour layover in Hong Kong and another 5-1/2 hour flight to Nepal. Unfortunately, the other statistic for the trip thus far is a grand total of around 5 hours sleep in the last 48. We've an internal flight to Pokhara today and another day before race check-in; 2 before the start. It's a foggy morning so there isn't much to see outside our hotel window save for a great mass of noisy birds that appear to be playing out a scene from Hitchcock's famous film. All is being made right with the consumption of my morning caffeine and I'm looking forward to the coming adventure.

I won't have internet access once we are out at the campground, but I believe you can follow the race in some form at the event website:

Racing the Planet: Nepal

Given my lack of training and the 24+lb pack I'll be carrying, my goal is for just finishing, enjoying and taking in the scenery. The camera will be in hand.

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Danni said...

So jealous and excited for you guys!