Sunday, December 18, 2011

Out from under

Immediately upon return from Nepal I was tossed into the throws of work and the holidays. While its only been 2 weeks, it seems ages have passed since the trip. Blogging and running generally go hand-in-hand with me and I've had neither time nor focus for either. However, I have finally imported and sorted my photos from the trip and I'm committing myself to just a single post covering only the very highest of highlights. My TdG report still sits in draft and I've other thoughts to share before 2011 comes to close. At least I have started to think about training more consistently and its a good thing since my next planned adventure is only 6 weeks away!


Danni said...

What is in 6 weeks?

Olga said...

Followed your Himalaya trip. You did great. Thank God Jill posted pictures:)

Steve Ansell said...

Danni - 6 weeks until Arrowhead

Olga - I have uploaded my pictures to Picasa though I can't promise they are nearly as good as Jill's