Monday, July 23, 2012

"You running from something?"

That was the--not all that clever--question thrown at me from the side of the trail during my run this evening. I managed to spew out the--only slightly more clever--response with "yeah, and it's right behind me so you better get out of here!"

Of course, a few minutes further down the trail I came up with what could have been some slightly more thought-provoking retorts for my trail-side jester including:

  • No, I'm running for something.
  • Yes, all the bad decisions from the first half of my life.
So, what would your answer be? only get 3 seconds to come up with it!

p.s. Yes, I realize this blog has been very quiet for a very long time, but I'm going to try to reactivate it as I head into my big event in Europe next month. Stay tuned, I'm just about done with my Arrowhead 135 report...heck, it was only about 6 months ago ;-)


Patrick Garcia said...

I'm still here, reading! I get those all the time, some less savory, and I tend to make a variety of half-assed replies based on the relative obesity of the person offering them...

Anonymous said...

No one would ever ask me that question. LOL