Wednesday, April 03, 2013


My motivation for running sits at an all-time low. Usually after a big event I take some down time after which the simple joys of running return to me, trotting along free from plans or expectations. In truth, I've had some good runs on the weekends enjoying familiar trails through the redwoods or along coastal bluffs. However, life has gotten busy for various reasons and squeezing in runs during the week has not just become logistically difficult, it has seemed almost distasteful. Running just to get in the miles or, even worse, the idea of "training" fail to provide the impetus to get me out the door even with the knowledge that I'll probably feel better after. There are a few events already on my docket in the coming months and I know they will be much more enjoyable the better shape I am in so I'll have to get off my butt just to avoid turning them into suffer-fests. Still, I am finding it difficult to contemplate any run that doesn't have something inspiring to offer me.

Perhaps what I need is just to go for a very long walk...

On that note, I have just sent out my application for the 2014 Iditarod Trail Invitational. At least I know, another "real" adventure is less than a year away!

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