Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Good Morning Fremont

Well, fall is fast approaching and that means I need to start converting back to running in the morning (yuck). Now that my average run is around 10 miles, lunchtime is no longer an option and with Frederick about to start high school my evenings will be getting busy (picking up from football, making dinner, making sure homework is done, etc.) This morning, with much help and prodding from my wife, I managed to wake up around 6am and get out the door in another half hour or so. Not really early by some people's standards, but I am more of a night owl than a morning person. So, up in the morning running on the roads around the neighborhood it is. I guess I could technically drive to the trail, but between getting up early, getting all my stuff together and into the car and then faced with the prospect of ~2000ft of climbing in the first few miles, I would probably end up at Starbucks rather than the trailhead ("Grande quad-shot americano, please").

Truth be told, it's actually not so bad running in the morning. Since I tend to generate a lot of heat when I run, I enjoy the crisp morning air. Also, I do kind of enjoy all the morning types that populate our neighborhood. There aren't too many runners, but living in south Fremont there is are many families from Taiwan, China and Hong Kong and I am always impressed with how many of the elderly people from these cultures are up and active every morning. Many of these people appear to be at least in their 70's, some walk very slowly, some with canes, some stretch or practice Tai Chi in the park. There is one guy who I have seen almost every morning I have gone running, rain or shine, in the baptist church parking lot performing his routine which seems to consist of a lot of walking in tight circles and walking backwards. Hopefully this is one of the positive values that others in our culturally diverse area can learn to emulate. I know I always think of it as a reminder that I want to remain as active as I can throughout my life.

I run to the trailhead as my turnaround, rather than starting, point and head back home. About half way back I remember another benefit of running in the morning: hot, post-run coffee!!! I love hot coffee after a run and have even been known to drink it in the middle of a warm day. However, after a cold (or at least cool) morning run, the thought of that steaming, hot goodness is what will assure I get up for my morning run again tomorrow.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

mmm, sounds like a nice run. I like running in the mornings - gives me great energy for the day. Once winter comes in Tucson, I move from morning runs to lunch runs.

matt said...

I feel like I am reading about my recent approach to morning training. I find that is the only time that I can fit long runs in around my family. My whole goal through all of these long-distance pursuits is to have it impact my family as little as possible. I don’t want to lose time with my wife and son, so I get up very early to run and I sneak in additional runs in the morning. I, too, have to put in some asphalt time. If I am going to maximize my time-on-feet, I need to get right out there. The trails are a couple miles away and I can still include them, but I have to put 4 miles on the road. I enjoyed reading about your perspective on the neighborhood. That is one of the good things about running on the roads…the people you see/meet. Great post, Steve!