Sunday, August 27, 2006

Non-run instead of long run

I knew I wasn't going to have time for a really long run this weekend, but the plan was to do three mid-distance runs with a soccer game Sunday morning to make the Sunday run feel a bit longer. This worked well two weeks ago doing 14.5 on Friday, 10.6 Saturday and then 13.5 miles on Sunday on Mount Diablo after a full 90 minute soccer game in the morning. Those Diablo miles felt as tough as any long run I've done. The plan this weekend was similar. I'd done 10.6 on Friday, 14.25 yesterday up Mission Peak from home. The game this morning was easy with lots of subs so I had plenty of juice for whatever distance I felt up for this afternoon. However by the time I got home and had something to eat (PB&J on rice cake...mmm), I just didn't feel like running. Physically I felt fine. I thought about pushing myself to just go out for a training run, but then I thought "what for?" I'm not feeling it. I am technically in a bit of a recovery week after the 50K last weekend and I just can't get jazzed about an uninteresting training run on Sunday afternoon. Training is for the weekdays, weekends are for challenge and adventure. So, I decided to bail. Only 30 short miles this week. Considering that just a few years ago, I celebrated my first 30 mile week, it still makes me smile.

I decided that I will make next week a "big" week. I am going to plan a night run up Mission mid week and some decent training runs spread around. Saturday will be spent watching my son play football and with no soccer on Sunday, I am going to plan a good long run on the DC Firetrails course. A plan I can definitely be excited about.


Catra said...

Hi Steve-

Looks like you're training a lot.
Let me know what night you're doing a night run on Mission Peak. Maybe I can join you.
I'm heading to Yosemite on Tuesday going to run Half Dome and get one last long run before Wasatch 100.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

sounds good!

Eudemus said...


Right now I am thinking Wed. night, but my plans probably won't be firm until I know what the work week is like. I generally go from home (3.6 miles from the trailhead) and then just do around the back then up and over the peak. I am always up for other suggestions, however.

Yosemite! I am VERY jealous. Half Dome is definitely on my list of running goals. I hiked it last year for the first time and I have run up to above the falls. I still don't know that I am ready to do the whole thing as a run. Maybe I'll put it on my list for next year.

Catra said...

I can't Wed. oh maybe another time.

I'm off to Yosemite tonight :) Steve I don't run the whole trail up half Dome it gets a little hard running up all that granite. If I have time I will run out to Clouds rest too!


Eudemus said...

Yep, another time.

I can't imagine running those last granite parts, especially the cables (though I was able to scramble up pretty quick on the outside of the cables using my latent rock climbing skills). I was feeling the elevation even just hiking it a year ago, though I am in better shape now. I've never been to Clouds Rest, but definitely want to. Have a great time and give Half Dome a pat on the back for me :-).