Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pre-race checklist

Two nights before the race and I am quelling my nerves by getting all my gear together. It kind of reminds me of sorting gear before a trip back in my climbing days. Aside from my standard race stuff, I am also doing my very first drop bag. The following is my checklist of stuff that will go on my person as well as in my bag.

On me:
  • Brooks Element Shorts (black)
    • Race number folded and pinned to right leg
    • Succeed Caps cellophane wrapped in left hip pocket
  • Brooks Pulse T Top (yellow)
  • Asics MCT Liner Gloves (day-glo yellow for style)
  • The North Face Radial trail running shoes
    • Sole custom footbed insoles
  • Ultimax X-static socks (black)
    • Two Toms Blister Shield Anti-friction Skin Guard Powder (in socks)
  • Ultimate Direction Fastdraw Plus handheld (26oz bottle) for sports drink
    • Nuun hydration tablets cellophane wrapped in zip pocket
  • Ultimate Direction Solitaire waist-mounted bottle holder
    • Ultimate Direction Sport Bottle (20oz) for water
    • Pack of Sharkies Energy Chews (w/ Electrolytes)
    • Clif Shot Gel (chocolate)
    • Gu Gel (banana)
    • Ginger People Ginger Chews (3)
    • Two Toms Sport Shield Anti-friction Skin Guard Towelette
    • Biofreeze Pain Gel
    • Blister Pads
    • TP
  • Two Toms Sport Shield Anti-friction Skin Guard Roll-on (applied pre-race)
Drop bag:
  • Ultimax X-static socks (black)
  • Injinji Toe socks (tan)
  • Brooks Running Top (blue)
  • Package of sharkies
  • Clif Shot Gel (chocolate)
  • Clif Bar (Oatmeal Raisin)
  • Nuun Hydration Tablets
  • Two Toms Blister Shield Anti-friction Skin Guard Powder
  • Two Toms Sport Shield Anti-friction Skin Guard Roll-on
  • Java Juice Pure Coffee Extract
  • Ibuprofen
  • Britanne Microfiber Towel
Pre/Post-race gym bag
  • Bull Frog Spray-on Sunscreen
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Two Toms Sport Shield Anti-friction Skin Guard Roll-on
  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment
  • Tecnu Skin Cleanser
  • Sierra Designs ultra-light breathable rain jacket
  • New Balance water resistant running pants
  • Nike Dri-fit Sport Hoodie
  • Adidas "nubbie" Sport Sandals
OK, that's everything that the anal-retentive side of my personality can think of right now. I will make sure to continue obsessing over this tomorrow as race day approaches.


Jessica Deline said...

good luck tomorrow!

Eudemus said...

Thanks, Jessica. Now I just need to see about getting to sleep tonight

miki said...

coooool. i was supposed to be chillin' in bed a half hour ago. I'm gettin' there......

Brad said...

Good job Steve! I think I was running near least near the end. I finished at 10:28, just a mere 2 minutes before you.

Eudemus said...

Brad, thanks and congrats yourself! You probably passed me somewhere between miles 30-45 as many people did. I was running a faster pace earlier on until foot problems slowed me down quite a bit. Had it not been for a couple of Advil in the last 5 miles and the help of an unexpected pacer, I would have been even further back. A full race report will be coming...