Tuesday, October 17, 2006

DC Before and After

I thought I would post the two pictures that Miki so graciously took of me at my recent 50 miler. The first was in the early morning hours before the race. It was cold so I was tricked out in my favorite hoodie and wearing my signature day-glo gloves. My gnarled legs, which have been likened to tree stumps, are ready to go. The second picture is well after the race and even the post race feast. I have my hoodie back on and I'm sporting my nubby sandals which I consider one of the greatest inventions of mankind. I'm definitely cheezin' big time for the camera.

It's been over a week now and, other than a little soccer on Sunday, I really haven't run at all. It seems like its been a month and I imagine that I can feel the fitness seeping out of my legs! I've been self-messaging and trying to rehab my feet as much as possible. I'm gonna try an easy run tonight, I think, and see how it all feels. I'm pretty sure my trail shoes have been part of the problem and I'm finally deciding to go see a podiatrist to get things looked and to get a professional recommendation. I also received a massage gift certificate for my birthday so I am looking to cash that in as well and see if I can relieve some of the persistent tightness. Overall, however, I feel pretty good and want to start running again. However, I know that the bigger danger is for me to start pushing more than I should. I just gotta keep reminding myself to listen to my body.


Jessica Deline said...

You don't look that different after running 50 miles. Something must be wrong with that second picture :)

Eudemus said...

Jessica, it must have been something in that Ann Trason chocolate cake.

miki said...

Actually, Jess, he never ran at all. I never did see him on the trail.....hmmmm

So funny Steve, I have had my legs likened to trees as well. I actually wrote something about it to post on blogger, but it's incomplete so has been sitting in draft mode for months. A guy I met at Angel Island said that I had tree trunk legs and considering I'm a girl, it's amazing how well I took that. Being a trail runner really starts to change your perspective on things.

Good luck with the feet thing. And happy birthday.

Eudemus said...

Hey! I ran...assuming you consider a fast shuffle a run. As for the legs, I guess tree trunks are the best advantage that those of us who are "stride challenged" can have. If they ever decide to have a "Short Stumpy" ultra division, you and I are set!

My feet are feeling pretty good. I did 7 miles this morning and all feels pretty OK. I have been working on them and my calves daily. Thanks for the birthday wish. It was on the 9th. Olga and I actually have the same B-day, but I am a year older which must explain why she can run ultras so much faster than me...yeah...that's it ;-).

olga said...

Agree with Jess - you look the same:)
On my second WS100 my pacer hasn't seen me in a year. First thing he said - your legs doubled in size. I wasn't sure should I kick his butt or be happy all the trail hill running (vs NYC roads) built me up. I decided to take it as a compliment. I did drop him a few times at the night section as a punishment:)
p.s. thanks for Hardrock comment

Eudemus said...

Olga, I think it should definitely be taken as a compliment. The one scary thing I can say about my legs is that my thighs have probably actually shrunk since running longer distances. I used to play more soccer and moutain bike both of which make for big strong thighs and earned me the "thunder thighs" nomiker at one point. Now, how would you ladies react to *that* as a nick name :-)