Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Flat Sat

I knew the weekend was going to be busy with Freddie having basketball on both days, Jefferson coming home for the weekend and a planned Sunday dinner with my parents. A long run just wasn't going to be possible. However, Zane was out of town on business Thursday night so I realized I could get a run up Mission Peak in during the week without disturbing her schedule (or her sleep). It also meant that I had an honest to goodness excuse for skipping my speedwork :-). Thursday night was beautiful and even though I managed to pack both my gloves and my ultra-light running jacket into my minimal waste pak, I never needed either and ran the whole thing in short sleeves finishing close to midnight. The round-trip from house to peak and back was a little over 18 miles. I did some extra road miles and went up the alternate start to get some extra miles in. I had to come down the main fireroad since the other trail was just way too beat up to run down at night unless I wanted to break an ankle.

This gave me enough miles that I only needed to hit around 10-12 on each of the weekend days to keep to my 60 weekly miles. On Saturday I opted for some very flat running near Club Sport where my Zane would be working out. I discovered that there is a section of The Bay Trail that is right near there. It is also part of the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge that can be found near the Dumbarton Bridge and also down in Alviso. It isn't much, but its a nice little trail along levees with plenty of different species of birds around. I took a couple of detours (both dead ends), but managed to stretch the run to just over 10 miles and managed to finish in perfect time with Zane completing her gym workout.

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