Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Running through the levee on a trail called No Name

With only a couple of hours to get a run in on Sunday, I decided for a more flat option in order to get my miles in. My son had a basketball practice in Newark so I headed over to the Don Edwards Preserve. Parking here is free and provides access to the Coyote Hills by running over the Dumbarton Bridge tollbooths. I decided I was going to run along the Levees. Normally I would run along the Apay Way path to the paved Bay View Trail that hooks up with Alameda Creek Trail and then out to the Shoreline Trail along the levee. However, I wanted to try going all the way to the Dumbarton Bridge via the levee so I decided to take the No Name Trail (yes, it is actually labeled as such) that heads off along a levee from the intersection of the Apay and Bay View. This had the added advantage of eliminating all of the paved sections of the trail from the run. Amazingly, I actually felt hot on running out there, especially on the way to the bridge as the wind was at my back. On the way back, I needed to make a detour over to the Dairy Glen area to refill my water bottle before hurrying back. The USATF site puts this route at about 11.6 miles. With the added trip to get water it is a little over 12 miles.

This gives me about 53 for the week. I wanted to be a little higher as my past two weeks have been around 57 mi. However, I intend to do about 25 or so miles next Saturday and another 10 on Sunday to be close to 60 for the week. With a little over two weeks before the "official" start of my ultra season, I'm feeling good, but want a little more mileage on the legs. I intend to try and do a run the day after my Pirates Cove 50K race and want to be comfortably into 60+ mile weeks by the time my 50 miler and then 100K roll around.

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