Friday, July 13, 2007


Staying home from work today and probably no running. Took yesterday off from running as well. I think my body is in fatigue. During Tuesday's run my ankle sort of gave out. No real twist or trauma, but just in the middle of running...ough! This has happened before as I have plenty of scar tissue in my ankles from years of soccer sprains (though I've yet to have a major sprain since starting trail running about 10 years ago). Usually, some stretching and walking will make the problem go away, but it was much more persistent. I finished the run and iced when I got home. Wednesday, the ankle was still a problem and it has felt weak since then. Beyond that, I have pretty much been tired as a whole this past week. I think my body is crying for a rest. I came to this realization after reviewing the past week in my head:

Wed 7/4 - Thu 7/5: Arrive home from Costa Rica at 1am, can't sleep until 3am.
Thu 7/5: Work full day then fly to LA with Freddy for basketball camp. Get to sleep around midnight.
Fri 7/6: Check Freddy into camp. Fly home. Rest and prep for race on Saturday.
Sat 7/7: Wake at 5am for Angel Island 50K. Have a great race!
Sun 7/8: Work in yard cutting up a tree. Crash for 4 hrs on couch further messing up sleep cycle. Trouble sleeping that night.
Mon 7/9: Freddy flies home, flight delayed and gets in late so another late to bed night.
Tue 7/10: Up at 5am to take boys to practice. Fly to LA for work. 7 mi run upon return, ankle twinges half way through. Yoga workout after run.
Wed 7/11: Get Freddy up at 5am. Go back to sleep for an hour. 7 mi run after work, ankle still problem. Mini-yoga workout after.
Thu 7/12: Get Freddy up at 5am. Don't go back to sleep. Leave work early, tired. No running.
Fri (today): Tired. Fatigued. Staying home typing lame blog entry.


miki said...

omg!! Yes, rest sounds good.

If you have scar tissue, I have found one treatment has been helping me enormously in getting my flexibility back in my ankle. It simply involves giving a deep, hard, and painful, massage all around the ankle to loosen up the built of tissues. It means really digging in with the thumbs. I am typically sore the next day, but always find that I have more mobility. I try to do this regularly as I also have scar tissue built up from multiple sprains.

Have a chill Friday. Don't even think about maybe squeezing in a run tonight. :p

Eudemus said...

I'll try massaging the ankle. Usually, I do the traditional thigh stretch of pulling my foot to my rear and get a nice "pop!" in my ankle and then everything is fine, but maybe I need something a little more preventative.

As far as the run, of course I "thought" about it. Freddy had two basketball games that evening and I wanted to be sure of getting a Saturday morning run in so that helped keep it to just a thought.