Friday, July 06, 2007

Pining for Paradise

Well, I'm typing this from home reading my wife's emails from Costa Rica and wishing I was still there. It was really only 5 full days and was clearly not enough. I felt like I had just just gotten into the groove of the place when I had to leave. Each day started with a humid run down to the beach and back. Sometimes I would end up running an extra couple miles along the beach or exploring the rambling backroads (some of which were less developed than many of the trail I run). I did end up going shirtless on my runs. My discomfort ended up defeating my modesty. After my run I would shower off and sit in the pool for a bit while drinking coffee. The rest of the day was filled with a lot of laying around the house, watching the wildlife from the balcony, reading or just sitting with my Zane and relaxing. We did walk to town or the beach a couple of times and even ate out once or twice, but most of the time was spent in the house. The house was really the crux of the vacation and a few look at the pictures below are explanation enough.

The house looked cool enough from the outside:
House Front
House Side

The inside was charming and simply invited you to relax
Kitchen Area

But, the views from the balcony were the real deal:
Pool Scenery
Also From Deck

And of course, sometimes the jungle came right to you
Bird Closeup

Especially, my friendly Iguanas who proved endless entertainment
Pool Side
Iguana Closeup
Two Iguanas

The place and the relaxing time we had there will be with me forever. I think if the owner ever wants to sell the place we may just end up with a vacation home in Costa Rica! We'll see how Zane feels after another couple weeks. Will it grow even more beloved or will its charms eventually wear off? At any rate, it was definitely one of the best vacations we've had.

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