Monday, October 22, 2007

DC2007 Pictures

While I don't run with a camera, I luckily know lots of people who do or who at least show up to races with them. Here is my collection of "other people's pictures" from the recent Dick Collins Firetrails 50 race. I didn't post the one from Chris because it is in the posting below.

Early in the race taken by Chihping in the dark. I think this was still on the road.

From the official race photos. This must have been fairly early on as I'm just getting that "bald and bloated" look I usually have in race photos. Notice how I always have my bottle ready coming into the aid station :-).

Not a picture of me, but I am in the background stuffing my face at the turnaround aid station. The woman next to me is Stephanie who helped "pull me" up the long hill.

Post-race picture taken by Miki. This was taken pretty shortly after my finish.

Another post-race photo by Miki. This one demonstrating how a mid-packer like myself looks next to a front runner such as Mark Tanaka who took 3rd. Aside from looking like a "real runner" he also looks nice an rested as he finished more than 2 hours in front of me :-).

Finally, this one from Rick as I wait for coffee to be made by the wonderful Zombierunners Don and Gillian.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

great photos!

Eudemus said...

Thanks...too bad none of them are mine :)

meredith said...

Great Pics! I hope you are recovering well! When is your 100? I wish you and your bright yellow gloves the best out there!!

meredith said...

OK, I just read more closely and see that it is this weekend. Have a blast!! I will send you good vibes all day!

miki said...

Cute pix! I missed this post when I checked in on the SF One day. And I had no idea the Zombies were serving coffee that day. Damn!!

I love that "bald and bloated" comment. You do have a "shorts riding up" thang going on :p, but otherwise you look fine. My race photos make me look like a stumpy hobbit. Not good.