Thursday, November 02, 2006

Very Little

That's how much I have been running lately. I've run less in the three weeks since my 50 miler than I ran in the race. I took the entire week off after the race and then did a few runs the following week all on roads (probably a mistake). Around one hour of running and my feet would start hurting again. After a two hour run I was having arch and ankle problems as well. So, another whole week with no running. It seemed like an eternity. Why is it called "taking it easy" when it is so damn hard to do?

I intensified my foot treatment. More ice, more self-message and wearing night splints every night. I started running again this week, but have arranged my schedule to hit up a flat gravel trail near my work. Asphalt is evil. I haven't tried running for longer than one hour at a shot, but feel like things are maintaining. I have finally made an orthopedist appointment with a guy in Palo Alto who is a running specialist. My appointment is a week from Monday. Unfortunately, I leave for my vacation on the following Saturday.

I will be spending three weeks in the Patagonia region of Chile and while there won't necessarily be any running I will be on my feet doing a lot of walking and hiking. Given that I need my feet to be in good shape for that, I should probably limit my running over the next few weeks. However, I can't seem to convince my appetite that I am no longer running 50+ miles/week and I don't want to start my vacation both fat and out of shape! I suppose I could bike or do some other form of cross-training, but I mentally still need to run. I have taken off entire weeks, but have not missed a whole month of running since 2001. Even in 2002 where I was sick for two full months, I still managed to get in one sickly, pitiful mile-long treadmill session. Patience has never been my strong suit.


olga said...

Hey, very little is much better than nothing! Where I am at...just started last week.
Enjoy Patagonia trip, I had a few friends gone last year, and a couple are going this December.

Eudemus said...

Olga, you are very right. It could be worse. I think the hardest part is returning in a SLOW and CONTROLLED manner. I want to just *run*, but know that much beyond 2 hours on trail or too much on road will bring back all my troubles. Glad to hear your back to running as well. Congrats!