Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm back (almost)

Well, after the Thursday ordeal, I actually took two entire days off. I was feeling generally better on both Friday and Saturday, but my stomach was really not happy. I new that running would have produced pretty much the same results as I had "enjoyed" on Thursday. Sunday, I was feeling a little better still and couldn't take it any more. I decided a nice little afternoon run would be in order. I wouldn't set the distance, but run how I felt. After a couple miles I realized that my stomach was still not very happy. However, in all other ways I felt fine. I decided to cut it to just 4 miles. As I was heading back home, at mile 3, a little bit of stomach content came up. However, I felt fine and was able to finish the run without issue and my pace was fine, perhaps even a little faster than normal. Monday, I went for another run. At mile 2 things fell apart. I stopped and stretched and felt bad. My stomach didn't feel horrible, but I felt weak again. I sat down with my head between my knees feeling sorry for myself. It was weird that I hadn't felt weak in a while and here it was. It almost felt like I was "bonking." I thought about it and realized that I hadn't really been eating much at all lately and was probably a bit dehydrated as well. I got up and decided to go get some water in the park and just try to finish my run back home for another measly 4-miler. Well, somehow things got better. I felt stronger and stronger so I continued on past my house. I could have gone further, but I decided to stop around 6-1/2 miles. Afterwards my stomach was still a bit upset but everything felt OK. For the first time in a week I felt sure I would be better in time for Mt. Diablo. However, I vowed to take a couple more days off and just do a test run on Thursday to make sure everything was in proper order.

Tuesday and Wednesday things felt better still. I went to the gym and rode the stationary bike to get in some exercise without the jostling. I felt great, ready to run. It took an entire week for the bug to run its course. I know, it probably would have taken much less if I actually had let it run its course rather than fighting it. There was one side effect of my being sick that actually had a positive effect. Since I haven't been able to eat much over the past week I have lost even more weight. I was already down close to 10lbs for the year, but now I am another 5lbs lighter. In fact, I haven't seen 160lbs on a scale in about 22 years! Furthermore, I discovered an even better side effect last night when I did my promised 4 mile test run. I felt like I was running fairly easy, like my normal low-mid 8 min/mi pace. However, I knew my legs were moving faster and I felt lighter. I tried not to look at my watch until I finished and was shocked to see the time of 30:42 staring me in the face! A sub-31 minute 4-miler without effort? That has NEVER happened before! I generally have to push myself at least a little to maintain any pace below an 8-minute mile. This will either be a great boon for Diablo as I enjoy cruising up that mountain in my new lighter frame or a total disaster as I go blazing out at a pace that destroys me later in the race. Either way, I can't wait!!!

The real question is, what should I call my upcoming article for Trail Runner Magazine?
"Improve Your Performance While Lying in Bed"
"Stop Running, Stop Eating, Get Faster"
"The Bulimic Guide to Speed Work"
"Forget the Taper, Get Sick Before Your Next Race"
"10 Common Viruses to Help You Run Better"
"Run, Puke, Rest, Repeat"

OK, I'll put my sick (pun intended) humor away for now.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I like 10 Common Viruses to Help You Feel Better and A Bulimic's Guide to Speed Work

and glad you are feeling better.

Norbert said...

I haven't seen 160 lbs in the last 30 years!!!! (And I'm only 40)

Puke on!
See you tomorrow!


PS: Don't forget to bring your favorite virus! I need to loose another 10 lbs.

miki said...

Omg. This is a sick post. No pun intended. :p
Glad you feel better. See ya tomorrow.

Brad said...

How did Saturday go?