Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mucho de nada

I haven't written about my first couple days down here in Coast Rica as there really isn't much to write about. We are doing a "whole lot of nothing" and that is JUST FINE! In fact, part of the plan for this vacation is to get out of our normal mode-of-being where we are constantly trying to figure out "what's next". Placing no expectations on oneself can sometimes be a tall order in and of itself, but this place makes it seem quite natural. The house we have rented is gorgeous, quiet, isolated and surrounded by lush jungle flora (and fauna). I probably spent as much time watching an Iguana while soaking in the pool today as any other single activity. The rest of the day was filled with reading, resting, sleeping, sunning, thinking, staring and a few games of "Online Family Fued" with my wife for some laughs before dinner. Her blog entry captures the mood far better than my inept prattling ever could.

I did manage to get a run in of about 7.5 miles at 6am this morning. Since there is basically a single road here, I ran it to the end at the beach and then back a little bit the other way. A few hills (one steep) but it would normally be considered a fairly easy run were it not for the humidity. It was actually much less humid at that time of day, but I still needed to wring out my shirt at the end of the run! I am going to try a lighter, sleevless shirt tomorrow, but I may need to resort to running shirtless. Believe me, I am no Anton Krupicka and the thought of running shirtless still leaves this getting-close-to-40 year old runner feeling a bit self-conscious. However, it may turn out to be the only solution for one born and raised in arid California. Such are the weighty concerns of life in paradise.

As they say here in Costa Rica, Pura Vida!

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