Sunday, December 03, 2006

Grey Glacier

The trip to Grey Glacier is a short and not fairly easy hike. This was good after the long day we had the previous day. I did get up in the morning with Robin and run about half the trail. Of course, this was the first half which was where most of the uphill was and my legs were already pretty stiff from the day before. It was slow going out, but I enjoyed the downhill back. Robin pretty much ran with me on the way out, but then did his whippet impression home.

The hike was nice with views of mountains and two new lakes including the namesake Grey Lack which is fed from the glacier. It is obvious why it is named as such.
Start to Grey
Going to Grey
Mountain View
First Lake
Grey Lake

We stopped for a picnic lunch along the way in a sheltered meadow.
Stop for lunch

We also got to see icebergs of various sizes that had broken off from the glacier floating around in the lake. Apparently only about 20% of the ice is above water so some of these must be massive beneath the surface.

We were originally supposed to do an ice hike out on the glacier, but it was canceled due to a broken motor on one of the Zodiac rafts. A nice leisurely day about camp was fine with me.

I did some hiking around out on the rocks to see how close I could get to the glacier. Of course, after scrambling over dangerous terrain, I discovered the safe and easy path back.
Walk to Glacier
Me with Glacier
Path back to camp

I spent the rest of the afternoon just siting on the little beach below camp reading my little Shambhala book and writing in my journal.
Reading on the beach

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