Saturday, December 09, 2006

Last Day

After El Calafate, we had a plane flight back to Buenos Aires. We arrived in the afternoon and didn't really do much other than plan for our last dinner together. It was Argentina, so one last meal of really good, really big, and reasonably priced steak was on the bill. We had a great meal together and then went out to drinks for a bit. It was definitely a melancholy time as we knew it was the end of our vacation and a goodbye to all our new friends. Sad goodbyes were said as one after another people peeled off, generally based on when they had to be up for their flights the next morning (or that morning as the case may be).

The next day I went around the city with those who were either leaving late or staying one last day. This was mainly Sarah and Alan, Oana and Erin. We basically just walked around the city. I had intended to do some shopping, but was just too tired to put forth the effort. One last look at this South American city and I was ready to head home and take all my wonderful memories with me.
Last Buenos


matt said...

i have been loving all of the travel pictures, steve. i got a little behind as i wasn't blogging for a few months. i wanted to say hi again and catch up with you.

what are your race plans for this year? i am running several 50Ks up north.

Eudemus said...

Matt, I am still getting caught up on blogging as well. I haven't been running much lately and have, in fact, taken two full weeks off (ouch!) due to some knee/ITB problems. I need to be at full bore by Feb to start training seriously for Miwok. The 100K is my main target this year. I'll probably do at least a 50K and maybe a 50m for training. After that, I will just play it by ear. I'll check out what races you will be in up here and maybe we can meet up.