Tuesday, December 05, 2006


This day we hiked to the actual Torres! I started the day with a run on the road. I probably picked the wrong direction as I didn't remember it being as hilly when we drove down it on the way to the camp. Ah well, uphill would be the theme of this day as the hike was supposed to be the toughest of our trip.

We started out from the site of a rather luxury hotel at the base of the trail. After crossing one open plain the trail started climbing immediately and I felt it immediately. Keeping up with Robin on this day was kicking my ass and I was peeling off layers as the sweat dripped from my body.
Looking down
Looking up

Upon arrival at the Italian Camp I felt a little better and we rested while waiting for the rest of the party to catch up. However, it was a cloudy day and rain was forecast so it was getting a bit cold. Robin and I headed out as soon as the others arrived.
Bridge at Italiano
View from Italiano

The next section was a more rolling hilly section through the woods. This was good as it started to rain and then to HAIL! Those layers (and more) went back on quick.

We were expecting the worst as we approached the start of the rock scramble. Robin and I agreed that if it was dumping we would turn back as the visibility would be no good and scrambling in the rain is no fun (and not safe). However, the weather gods were once again on our side and it cleared up as soon as we reached the boulders.
Boulders at Torres

About this time the Swiss showed up and demonstrated what their long Swiss legs and Alps hiking skills could do on this high-stepping rock hike. They blew by us both and got to the lookout in very short order.

We arrived there soon enough and there is simply no way for me to explain what it was like. All I can say is that I wanted to stay there as long as I possibly could. I waited until the last person in our group arrived and then waited until we were all ready to leave. This spot in front of the lake at the base of the Torres is one of the most wondrous and magical on the planet. I really didn't want to leave.
Torres and the lake
The Torres
Me at Torres

But, eventually we had to go. Once I was down from the moraine, I just felt like letting loose. I strapped my day pack tight and let fly the rest of the way down smiling the whole way. I would be leaving the Torres soon and I wanted the adrenaline of a run to burn it into my memory.

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