Monday, December 04, 2006

Travel day

Today was another travel day to the next camp again by boat and bus. The boat took us out and VERY close to the glacier before heading to the far side of the lake.
Boat from Grey
Iceberg at Grey
Approach to Grey
Close to Grey
Grey Close up
Grey Extreme Close up

There we caught a bus to take us to the next camp site which was near the actual Torres del Paine where we would be hiking the next day.
Leaving Grey
Bus from Grey

We stopped for lunch in a very nice place beneath the Paine at a campground that had these sort of . After lunch we did a short, but steep hike up to the top of a VERY VERY windy hill with a great view.
Lunch after Grey
Short Windy Hike
Top of Windy Hill
Me on Windy Hill
Valerie on Windy Hill

The base of the hill was a rather unique camping area that included dome-shaped tents and a great little playground.
Dome tents

We also stopped along the way to check out a famous waterfall (the biggest in the park).

The camp was actually at an Estancia owned by the guide company that Tadeo works for. It was just our group and they made us feel very welcome. For some reason I really like the cozy feel of this site.
Estancia Camp
Torres from camp

Tadeo setup a slackline and showed off his skills. I got on and showed off my lack there of.
Tadeo on Slackline
Me on Slackline

We had a really nice dinner after which they prepared some mulled wine for us which we drank by an open fire pit outside. They really went out of their way to make us feel at home.

It would have been the perfect night had some strange birds not insisted on flying and screeching noisily over my tent at 3am. However, I did get to see the most beautiful full moon lit evening as a result (no picture).

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