Thursday, November 30, 2006

Arrival in Puerto Natales

The final day on the Navimag was arrival in Puerto Natales. However, first we had to pass through the White Channel which is the narrowest channel that the ship passes through. The view from the edge is hard to convey in picture but it is amazing to see the land so close moving on a ship this size.

You can get a little better sense of the narrowness from the rear view of the ship.

After the narrows, we came around a bend and could finally see the mountains of the southern Patagonia region. My excitement grew immediately. I really do love the mountains.

After this we arrived in Puerto Natales. It isn't a particularly exciting town, but it is the gateway to the Torres del Paine. Natales feels like a definite backpacker/mountaineer sort of tourist town. Filled with outdoor shops and hostels. It really didn't matter what this town held. We were almost there! The Torres await.

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