Friday, November 17, 2006


A little over a year ago, my wife and IDSC00026

attended our friends' weddingDSC00022

in IrelandIreland Driving South 034

My work was pretty much hell during that timeDSC00036
and I had to rush back home soon after.

Zane went on to take a little solo holiday, visiting Norway and Sweden.

We discussed that this year it was my turn to take a solo vacation. After considering various options, I decided that I'm going to Patagonia.

In order to take best advantage of the time (and not have to do much planning myself), I am going with an adventure tour company called Gap Adventures. They put together packages of "loosely guided" tours for small groups (4-12) that are targeted at active people.

There is a set itinerary

that includes some pre-planned excursions, but plenty of time to do your own thing if that's what you want. The particular trip I am taking is called Wild Patagonia and includes time in the Lake District, a 3-day boat cruise through the Fjords, 5 days of hiking in the Paine National Park and a visit to the Moreno Glacier. It starts and ends in Buenos Aires, Argentina so I will get to check out the city as well. It is mainly a sight-seeing and hiking trip, but I imagine I may sneak in a run or two. It will be three full weeks which is the longest vacation I have ever taken. I leave tomorrow morning and plan to take LOTS of pictures to post here when I return in my full-on "Mountain Man Steve" persona.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

wow. that is AWESOME.

miki said...

It's going to be AWESOME. Have fun!!!