Sunday, November 05, 2006

Moonrise, Sunset

Well, I couldn't take it any longer. I had to get out on a "real" trail and return to the hills. I ran Mission Peak on a very beautiful Sunday evening. In fact, it was much warmer than I expected and my extra clothing (and the extra weight I've put on) were definitely felt going up the face. However, it was all worth it after running around the backside on my very favorite piece of trail. The Ridge Trail between Mission and Monument Peaks is about as isolated as one can feel so close to civilization. Running the section below Mt. Allison the view is all hills to the east and the only sound one hears is the occasional airplane overhead. You would never know that the sites and sounds of the greater Bay Area lurk just the other side of the peak. Also, the trail in this section is very runnable with a nice grade both downhill and up. I ran to just beyond the big TV tower below Monument and around to the front to enjoy the other view before turning back. By this time it was dusk and the run back was nice and cool. As I approached the ridge again running towards mission peak I looked back to the east to see a HUGE, full, harvest moon rising above the hills. Then minutes later as I crested the ridge, I was able to enjoy the sun setting in the west. I went up and over the peak on the return extending my view of both moon-rise and sunset.

The run back down was uneventful, but pretty dark. My feet did hurt a bit, but not too badly and I gave them immediate attention after returning home. The total time was a little less than 2 1/4 hours so I will call this my first successful long run since the 50 (my last one put me out for an entire week). Now I just have to keep myself from getting overzealous.


olga said...

Yay for trail run! Boo for traffic...

miki said...

ahh. sounds so nice. I saw that moon . haven't they been amazing lately?

I've been seriously out of commission myself. I've only done 2 runs since DK. One 3 mile test run which sucked and one 15 miler pacing Jessica at the Nike's Women's Marathon. Since then, I've been trying to get my hamstrings to heal. It's pretty bad on the left side. The price for glory, I tell ya!

Hey, have fun on your trip. It's going to be amazing. Please post some pics of that. :)

Eudemus said...

Olga, yes, trail over traffic any day. With a driving "pace" like that, I can actually run home much faster. There is even a trail for part of the way between my work and home. In the summer (when I don't have to pick up the kids from school), I actually will do a run-commute at times.

Eudemus said...

Miki, the moon has been awesome lately. On that evening, I actually wished that I'd done the run at night because the moon was so beautiful.

Sorry to hear your still having hamstring trouble. I am definitely feeling similar in trying to get my feet totally healed.

I will definitely post some pics when my trip is done. I will probably write up some details before I leave as well.