Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shipwrecks, Puerto Eden, Glaciers

After next day on the Navimag started to get a bit more interesting. It started with a wakeup call from the Capitan as he announced that we would be passing a famous shipwreck. Apparently, this ship had run into some rather shallow land bar or some such. It was a pretty impressive, if eerie site.
Ship Wreck

The main highlight of the day, however, was our arrival in Puerto Eden. This is a little fishing village on an island in the middle of the Chilean Fjords.
Puerto Edan

It is also the home to the last Kawesqar community which were a nomadic people who traveled via canoe and populated much of the area at one time.
Puerto Edan SIgn

The really great thing about Puerto Eden is that we were able to get off the boat and walk around a bit. The only way around the island is via these little wooden walkways.
Puerto Edan Walkways

Since it is an island community, all of the supplies are brought in by boat. I was luck enough to catch some of the locals stocking up on the back side of the island.
Puerto Edan Good

What are they stocking you may ask? Well, they aren't that primitive. They have a nice new post office, a really well built school for the children and, of course, a lovely supermarket/liquor store.
Puerto Edan Shop

Later in the day we arrived at the Pio XI Glacier. This is part of the southern ice field and the biggest glacier in South America. As we approached the glacier, everybody donned warm clothes and went up on deck for the view.
Glacier viewing from deck

As we drew closer to the glacier we started to spot ice bergs in the water.
Glacier - Distance

It also became colder and colder. You really get a sense for how glaciers create their own micro-climate.
Glacier - Closeup

Once we were close enough we all had to get out in front of the glacier for pictures. Here's Erin and Sarah doing the "it's cold out here" pose.
Erin and Sarah at Glacier

Of course, I had to get into the action as well.
Me at Glacier

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